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  • 97.14% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 1 of 14: Best place to be
    Best place best Management people
  • 97.14% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 2 of 14: Best place to be
    Best place best Management people
  • 91.43% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 3 of 14: Manor is the Place!!!
    Love it! Moved from beach and can't get enough: quiet,comfort... Not only me but 2 of my kids love it here as well. Party people- stay away )))
  • 68.57% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 4 of 14: Jose Gonzalez
    Jose is a very hard worker. He is always polite and courteous and has a great attitude.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 5 of 14: Jose & Jose, Jr.
    Our maintenance staff, Jose and Jose, Jr , are both hard working and extremely helpful. We can always count on them to assist us in many capacities. Their efforts and caring truly make The Manor a great place to call "home".
  • 94.29% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 6 of 14: My apartment Blanca Reyes
    Very nice place to live. Spacious apartments and excellent location. Blanca Reyes is always willing to help.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 7 of 14: Jose Gonzalez ,Maintenance staff
    We have found Jose to be extremely helpful and caring on occasions where we have sought assistance. He lends a hand without being asked if he sees us laboring with packages, he holds doors open for our passage, and generally always greets us with a smile. Jose is clearly an asset to staff.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 8 of 14: Great place to call home/Unsung heroes
    I have been living here since June of 2015 and this is really a great place to call home. Absolutely no complaints. I want to thank the unsung heroes, Maintenance team Jose and Jose Junior for always responding promptly when I request help with an issue that may arise. These guys work had maintaining the property and it shows!!
  • 82.86% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 9 of 14: Great place to live
    The manor is a great place to live, groceries stores, library and pharmacies within walking distance. The staff is always willing to help, especially Blanca she is always amiable and more importantly efficient, whenever we want something done fast and effectively we go to her.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 10 of 14: Great!
    Loved the property! Nothing available at the time but the service was incredible
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 11 of 14: Most luxurious community around the area
    This apartment complex is beautiful, and super modern! The management was outstanding, especially the leasing consultant Blanca.
  • 97.14% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 12 of 14: Great place to call home
    I absolutely love living at the Manor! It's a beautiful community with great amenities. Close to shopping center, very convenient. The office staff is friendly (specially Blanca) always willing to help. I don't have many maintenance issues but the times that I have, everything gets done immediately. Thank you The Manor staff for all you do for us! Keep up the great work.. :)
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 13 of 14: Account Manager
    From the first visit we have been pleased with the attention and professionalism received. Especially with Blanca. She is fantastic. We love our place!!
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 14 of 14: Blanca Reyes
    Blanca is excellent. Always willing to help